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About Citypublife.co.uk

Citypublife now open to help you find what you need
Function Rooms & Venues - Sports - Events - Food - Facilities

Citypublife is London's number one pub & bar website that helps you find what you need by using their 8 different ways to search all the venues they have on the website. They have slowly expanded the area they cover. To all county around the M25, plus if you know a pub or bar that can use the services of a website that helps to improve there business, then please fill in the form with contact details & I will get in touch with them. I have use this service to promo my venue and yes it helped me to build a good client base. 3 Month Money Back Guarantee
(Does not apply to managers & publicans who refuse to update their websites. If you do not have Internet access, we will update for you FREE).
Costs for services: 50 Sign up + 15 per month per pub or bar.

Please fill in this from with details of the pub or bar and your contact details then we will contact the venue. For the information and photos to be put on citypublife, if you require some body to take photos of the pub or bar inside and outside this will cost 95.00 this will include as many photos you need and up to 1 hour to take digital photos and 1 hour travelling time plus a copy of the photos emailed to you.

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